Right Wingers Send The Obamanator Back In Time To Set Things Right

January 2013- Republicans, their plans for world domination foiled by the overwhelming win in the presidential election that again brought Barack Obama to the throne of the most powerful country in the world, are upset. In anger over their bitter loss, the right wingers have initiated a plan to return them to power. Pooling their vast resources into a secret project overseen by the Halliburton Robotics Division they have invested great time, energy and money into building a specialized cyborg to go back in time and rid the world of Obamaism. Building a robot with a physique and face that resembled ex-Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger before he disappeared mysteriously Jimmy Hoffa style after the California economy tanked, their engineers assembled a Frankensteinian mass of components all designed with carrying out their diabolical plot. Into the Schwarzenegger frame they installed the evil, squirmy brains of Karl Rove, the nerves and will power of Oliver North, the manipulative and conniving qualities of Sean Hannity, and, to make sure that the creation would complete its mission of destruction and not renege, the chilling black heart of Dick Cheney. This fatal child of Hell was christened ‘The Obamanator’.

Fox News then supplied the programming the monster would need on his mission. Hard drived into its brain circuits were rationals that would excuse any deed it did no matter how evil, immoral or repugnant it was. Next basic conservative tenets were presented to its mind that would be clung to no matter what evidence against it was presented. Key phrases were locked into its memory to keep it within the bounds wanted by its creators such as “Everything Obama does is wrong!”, “Liberals are traitors to the country!”, “Conservatives have the right to rule the world!” “Ann Coulter will be our national dominatrix!”.

This aberration of all things natural is being time traveled back into early 2008 before the primaries. It’s target- the lawyer from Chicago who would become the first black President of the United States. Pray he doesn’t succeed.

Author: rfreed

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