Prizes for Our Satire Writers & Stories of the Year! + Discount for Advertisers: Please Share!


Christmas and Hanukkah are coming up…

And Glossy News would like to wish our great readers a very, VERY happy festive season!

We’d also like to give hearty thanks to our simply incredible writers.

You’ve given us a lot, and we’re going to be providing some tips later on for some of the best articles this year, from energetic new entrants to seasoned masters alike.

More on that later.

By the way, we’re ALSO very special discounts rate for advertising clients until 31 December. Adverts are very important to us, because they enable us to invest in the site, in order to grow it over time, to the point where we can make it a bigger and better experience so many, many ways: and that means for readers, writers and clients alike!

So matter what your business, do make sure to contact us to get as many of these as you can before the end of the year! Use the site’s feedback box, or email glossynewsads @ (Minus the spaces!)

And if you want to try submitting any satire, seasonal or not, by all mean feel free to join the crew here!

We’d love to have you on board, so please feel free to share this post on social media, email or word of mouth. And do tell the world about our site, whether friends, family, colleagues, co-religionists, hobbyists, classmates, open mic audiences, anyone at all!

Thanks so much!

Let’s make 2020 a year that is truly unforgettable.

And don’t forget…

Keep on smiling!

Mwah! 😊💙🌎🌍🌏

— Wallace and the crew

Author: Editorials and Announcements