Have you ever though about the nonsense they talk about in the Senate.

Shouting like angry school children, before being admonished by the head teacher.

Do our elected senators adhere to the wishes of their constituents……….!

With apologies to old fashioned Nursery Rhymes.

There was a young man from New York,

who could only converse on pork.

It’s sad to relate,

he couldn’t join in debate.

When other New Yorkers he would take on,

he could only talk of bacon.

Yet, because of his eloquence, he was meant for,

representation as their senator.

He was naturally out of his depth of course,

the Texans, only talked of horse.

With those men from Colorado,

he could not match their bravado.

With Senators from all the states,

He could not join in debates.

When he tried to talk of pig,

none of them, could even twig.

“If we can never talk of rind,

this nation will be left behind”.

He told them they were all insane,

then discussed it with a Dane.

The Dane understood, more than the rest,

telling him, “Our bacon’s is the best.

Your eloquence, is rather plain…..ish

why not try to talk in Danish”.

So, he then decided to embark,

off to live in old Denmark.

Because of his ability, he was sent,

to talk of pig in parliament.

He became party leader in due time,

speaking to them all in rhyme.

For every debate he would spark it,

how this little piggy, went to market.

Author: Anthony Irving

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