“Age of Nefarious” from the Boomer Musical “Hair”: New Lyrics for Covid-19’s Target Group:

Age of Nefarious

As Boomers greet a seventh span,
The notion strikes woman and man:
With Covid-19 lurking to bury us,
The wheel’s turned from Aquarius.
This is the dawning of the Age of Nefarious,
The Age of Nefarious.

Harmony and understanding,
Sympathy and trust disbanding,
A world of falsehoods and derisions
Amplify apocalyptic visions.
Crystal meth- like revelation
Impairs the mind’s true liberation.

With interaction’s mostly online,
Aquarian bliss has lost its shine.
Peace, love, beads, good deeds –
Social distancing truly impedes.
This is the dawning of the Age of Nefarious,
The Age of Nefarious.

The sun sets much too quickly;
Boomers tremble at being sickly.
The nation’s split from sea to sea —
Little hope of an upbeat legacy.
This is the dawning of the Age of Nefarious,
The Age of Nefarious.


She asks me why
I’m a balding guy.
Could be hairless noon and night;
Hell, that’s a fright.
Could be hairless high and low —
Worries about the Covid-19 foe.

All my follicles have fled
Like Jerry Garcia of the Dead.
My hair, like the rest of my body:
Going, gone or just plain shoddy.

Still want head with hair –
Long beautiful hair,
Shining, gleaming,
Streaming, flaxen, waxen.

Dr. Weave promises me hair
Shoulder length or longer.
New hair, new hair, new hair:
Harvest it, plug it,
Long as he can form it.
Transplant more hair.

My groupies in geriatric care
Will smile, salivate and stare:
Brilliantined Biblical new hair
Worn proudly with macho flare.

My hair like Jesus wore it:
Hallelujah, the ladies will adore it.
Hallelujah, they’ll come knocking
On my door I’m never locking.

To hell with sheltering in place —

In here I represent the best case.
On to eternity – oh, so shocking –
But with new hair, I’ll go rocking.


How can life be so heartless?
How can life be so cruel?
Still, easy to be hard, Boomer,
Unless Viagra’s merely a rumor.

How can people have no feelings?
How can they ignore their friends?
It’s easy to be legally medicated
If you’re pharmaceutically dedicated.

It’s a true Boomer no-brainer,
Ignoring every TV ad disclaimer:
Pills to combat severe hypertension,
Erectile dysfunction, not to mention.

Painkillers to counter joint aches,
Tranquilizers for goodness sakes.
Guard your colon, protect your heart;
Inhibiting reflux would be a start.

A tummy tuck, new hip or knee,
Combating obesity and the big C.
Hep C and Diabetes, Type Two,
Among the maladies scaring you.

And let’s not forget Alzheimer’s,
Always a worry for us old-timers.
Aspirin, statins, avoiding tumors:
Easy staying hard for Boomers?

Is there a solution, a super med,

For avoiding a Coronavirus bed?

Hard to fathom this world-wide scare

Letting us escape with our own hair.


Let the Sunshine,
Let the Sunshine in!
Keep me toasty warm in winter –
Usually freeze head to sphincter.
But, protect me from its rays:
Is skin cancer the next phase?

Let the Sunshine;
Let the Sunshine in!

Without it, need Vitamin D,
Like needing help when I pee.
And protect my new granular vision –
Emanating from social revision?

Let the Sunshine;
Let the Sunshine in!

Oh, say can you see
What used to be me?
Delusions of remaining free
Impeded by Boomer animosity.
With politics filled with enmity,
No more courting solemnity.

We’re Covid-19’s target group,

Baby Boomers in the soup.

How many sunrises still to see?

Thousands, if left up to me.

Please . . .

Let the Sunshine;
Let the Sunshine in!

Author: Ken Hogarty

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