Soren & Peter: A Contention of Betrayal, Love & Loss


What can I do? Would she accept so much as for me to dip my tongue in a cup of water, for her sake?


Nay, indeed! For she is in a more blessed state than thou.


Good! Then let me be damned, a thousand times over, that she may soar!


Thy perdition availeth but little to her. She is of her own, and not of thine.


What does she want from me? Redemption, damnation? Salvation, perdition? What does she want me to do?


That is not the question thou needs must ask.


It is the only one I care about.


Then remain in here forever… As your lawful abode. Make up your loathsome bed in Hell”


I would have damned myself for her sake.


Thou liest. If you thou hadst not said these evil words, thou wouldst even now been on the path to repentance.


Even St Augustine wanted to damn himself for her sake!


And he came to know that this was heaping impenitence upon iniquity. To wrong another living soul is a weighty matter; to wrong her without measure and without restraint, more solemn still. But to place the very means of repentance beyond oneself is of the very essence of hellish presumption; after this, there is no more talk of the least recourse to grace.


Then let me be damned! Then let redemption go to Hell!


This may be sooner than you think…


Picture from Free Photos, Pixabay.

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