Random Thoughts (XIII): Death Cults, Dingalos & Dodgy Tories!


Windrush Generation

When is the rule of law not the rule of law?
When it is.
You should be!
I’ve been a little torn over the Windrush situation, but I’ve come a kind of resolution here.
On the one hand, I understand the arguments about how Trump or May are acting in unusual historical circumstances, such that making even the slightest concessions risks a slipperly slope; one must be firm like iron or granite, until the storm passes.
Zero tolerance and a ‘hostile climate’ for illegal immigration are obviously understandable notions.
But on the other hand, let’s remember this iron resolution is not of value in itself; the whole ‘hardline spirit’ on immigration is ultimately to serve, at least partly, the rule of law.
What has happened with the Windrush generation, at least a great number of individuals, is arguably a serious ‘shifting of the goalposts,’ which is itself something that risks undermining the rule of law.
Don’t abolish the rule of law, in order to save it.
Paradoxically, an unduly rigorous approach to some of the people who were here legitimately, but with no papers, might actually undermine the rule of law; at least in spirit.
Anyone have any thoughts on this?
I think I’ve more or less (and very much uneasily!) managed to come to some kind of reconciliation of head and heart.

OMG! Asperger’s is Literally Hitler!

The Neurodiversity lobby are jumping for joy, as more information comes out on the alleged collaboration between Dr Hans Asperger and the Nazis.
I’ve been tracking and monitoring Autistic Justice Warriors (a subset of Social Justice Warriors) for a while.
As Neurodiversity supporters are often hostile towards parents, medical professionals and scientists, one can only imagine what torrents of vitriol are about to be unleashed.
Isn’t it time to reframe the narrative?

Let’s get Rapture Ready!

Speaking of weird, sectarian cults, yet another person has tried to predict the ‘Rapture,’ an idea invented relatively recently in history. For those as yet unacquainted with the light of this sanctified nonsense, the idea is that centuries and centuries, even millennia, after the apostles, someone discovered the ‘original true’ meaning of the Bible, and now all the ‘good folks’ are going to be taken to be with God. It’s worth pointing out this is not a mainstream idea in historical Christianity; past, present or future.
Clearly, though, there’s a sucker born every minute! Or then again, though… Check this out!

Author: Wallace Runnymede

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