Satirists & Creators: Make Sure Social Media is a Secondary Consideration!

I’ve been reading up a bit, and I’ve decided that I agree with what people are saying.

Social media has serious disadvantages.

Don’t focus too much on boosting your social media presence as an end in itself.

1. High Profile Content

If you’re a creator, you should focus on getting more high profile gigs instead; even if this takes you longer, and success is not always guaranteed.

2. Build Up Your Contacts

I repeat: build up your contacts.

You just never know what will come of a contact!

Don’t forget that people know people, who know people, who know people who know people who know other people too.

3. Schedule your time

Idly dipping in and out of media is not proper work.

Nor is having massive five hours sessions because you just feel like it.

What day, or days, will you use social media?

What time of day? How many hours? Will you have breaks? What will you do to break up this time?

For my part, I’m looking at two hours a week from now on.

4. Use Automation to Reduce Your Load.

If Medium allows you to link your account to Twitter… do it!

If Blogger or WordPress allows you to automatically post on Facebook… do it!

Unless you want to be exceptionally careful about cybersecurity, don’t rule these things out.

5. Apps Can Help You To Make Regular Tweets

On a similar note, some programs like Tweetdeck can help you schedule regular tweets. Be careful not to spam though!


Please be wary of going too far down the road of treating your old priority, i.e. boosting your social media profile, as an end in itself. It will take you too long.

Make sure you focus more of your energy on the ‘Big Gigs,’ than on social media. Social media is great; but right here and now, it is surely a secondary consideration for you.

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Author: Wallace Runnymede

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