Glastonbury Hosts Diversity ‘Jihad Rock’ Festival

Music festivals in the UK are not normally considered as being at the forefront of radical social activism. The days of Woodstock and anti-Vietnam protests being long gone, you’re more likely to see 21 century festival schmucks fighting over the last condom than the last polar bear.

And blowing chunks over your bedding is normally more of a problem than blowing chunks out of Iraqi orphans.

However, with various left wing and right populist eruptions occurring all over Europe and North America, it seems that music festivals are returning to their roots as a key focus of radical social critique and activism.

Right now, it seems that Glastonbury are trying to be a lot more socially conscious before.

Now in the name of celebrating diversity, the first Jihad Rock festival is about to take place soon.

A rival to the main Glastonbury festival, the Jihad Rock festival features plenty of booms and crashes, some great pyrotechnics on stage, and some superficially tough and sharp-edged 80s bears prancing around in flashy cloaks.

The Guardian has expressed reservations about the (potentially/arguably/’problematically’) homophobic and misogynistic implications of the festival, but generously notes:

On a sliding scale, this is probably a lesser evil than having hoodie-wearing, drunken working class Nazi thugs doing one of those horrid, crass and vulgar ska festivals of theirs. At least this way, there will be less risk of cultural appropriation.

Their opposite numbers in the Sun, true to form, are outraged.

This is disgusting! We can’t even celebrate our indigenous radical conservative customs in our own country!

Theresa May is currently confused as to which side to condemn first.



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