Glossy News Book Showcase Returns Tomorrow

Not long ago, we had our first Glossy News ebook showcase (although strictly speaking, printed books are OK too!)

Swan Morrison’s Judgment Day

Rfreed’s 9/12/01 (also serialized at Glossy News)

Jonathan Mitchell’s The Mu Rhythm Bluff

Tomorrow, 10 Jan 2017, we have three more great books!

Benjamin Cain and Tim Jones are two veteran humorists, who really have given such a great deal to Glossy News over the years. More recently, Laurie has provided us with some serious reflections on war and peace.

Enjoy the presentations tomorrow! If you write for Glossy News, and would like us to feature your book, please email

If you’ve never written for Glossy News, but would like to promote your book, then try submitting some of your stuff to us! Once we’ve published a few of your fake news stories or other material, we can definitely look into featuring you in one of the future showcases.


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