Blair/Corbyn Pre-Chilcot ‘Worthy Fluff’ War Bores Living Shite out of UK

Notable public figure and achingly dynamic charisma-dripper Anthony ‘Phony Tony’ Blair has recently take the time and effort to patiently educate his arrogant, bigoted, pleb scum enemies where they are going wrong…

Why, I just have no idea why these stuck up, racist, nationalist, isolationist bigots worry about thousands or dead Iraqis when Tony Blair actually had REALLY, REALLY GOOD INTENTIONS!

You just have no sense of the objective moral hierarchy for these things, do you? After all, what are sparing a few mere individuals in comparison to selflessly and serving the entire human race?

You simply have no idea how it hurts when you arrogantly and ungratefully repudiate my eternal love for you and for the entire human race.

It’s simply intolerable that all these hateful, vicious people care nothing for Humanity and only care about merely expandable human entities.

Oh and by the way, and excuse me if you’ve heard this one before but…


Notable-Neo-Non-New-Labour-Icepick-Dodger Jihadi Jez (Union-Gravy-Be-Upon-Him) moans:

Politics has nothing whatsoever to do with good intentions.

Politics is for the greater good of society and for the economy.

Instead of seeking self-advancement, Tony ought to try to comprehend and mystically intuit the finer valences of the dialectic, the overdetermination of the current constellation of primary, secondary and uber-tertiary-yada-yada-yada-metacontradictions, the de-totalizing multiplicities of the ‘object petit a’ of the class-for-itself and its concurrent libidinally charged uneven development of the vanishing transcendental signifier…

Or in a nutshell, some people in our party not too far from home are talking above the proles. Well, this is something that just simply has to stop!

Tony Blair and Jeremy Corbyn.

One is an embittered, dogmatic true believer with a violent, Stalinistic & authoritarian worldview.

The other is going to get hanged after the Chilcot Inquiry!

Author: Wallace Runnymede

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