Open Letter to Glenn Greenwald: Greenwald & the Ghostly-Chilling Effects (3/3)

All in all, I’m very relieved The Intercept never got back to me about that speculative CV. Perhaps I dodged a bullet there! It is evidently beneath Glenn Greenwald to say ‘Je Suis Charlie.’ So I am glad that, professionally speaking, I will never have to endure the rank humiliation of saying #JeSuis Intercept.’

Glenn, you are a person of quite astounding talent and passion. It’s just such a pity you seem to risk ruining your legacy. If you are for freedom of speech, as you claim, then you must be for it consistently.

So, you can chalk me down as one of your Islamophobes, if you want. (I’m certainly an Islamistphobe rather than a Muslimphobe, but from all that I have ever read of your political poetry, I’m not sure this distinction means that much to you!)

Or you can chalk me down as a neocon. (I’m actually more of a non-interventionist, but I’m not sure how easily you can easily understand the unquestionable and inherent superiority of my kind of non-interventionism to yours).

I think you could do a lot of good in this world with The Intercept, Glenn. Hell, you could do a lot of good consistently, at that.

But I don’t expect you to listen to me. Why would you? The opinions of people like me are no more likely to resound with you than with Badiou, Delphy, or other conspicuously enlightened figures propping up the far left Parisian radical establishment.

Some might even be tempted to ask whether you are even actually part of this same establishment.

But perhaps that’s not really fair.

For one reason or another!


Who are you really, Glenn?

Perhaps it’s better to say that for better or for worse, Glenn, you’re simply in a class of your own.

It’s a pity. So much individual brilliance, but so much bewildering rashness and whimsicality in your writings.

A lot more people of good character would really look up to you, but for one thing your journalism is lacking…


So, it’s your call, Glenn.

Glenn Beck or Jeff Beck?

Only you can decide which one you want to be…

Author: Wallace Runnymede

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