Chiropractor’s License Yanked Over ‘Intravaginal Massage’ Allegations

Jasper, GA – ( – A Georgia chiropractor is accused of sexually violating three female patients by using a controversial medical procedure he calls ‘Intravaginal massage.’ The Georgia State Medical Board says there is no recognized procedure anywhere on their list of approved medical treatments.

Amos Atwood, founder of Atwood’s Chiropractic and Funtime Massage in Jasper, Georgia had his medical license suspended this week after being charged with sexual contact with three female patients and with changing the medical records of a patient, according to SatireWorld. Dr Atwood claims his controversial treatment is widely used in China and has promising results.

PHOTO INSERT (yeah, a bad pun): The most damning evidence against Atwood is his tattooed middle finger which investigators say is merely a depth guage.

Atwood allegedly told two of his patients that “intravaginal massage,” would benefit them because of the “invasion of their personal body space” which occurred when the chiropractor inserted his fingers in their genitals. He also mentioned his ‘severe finger arthritis’ in which the theraputic action of warm genitals would allow himself some relief as well.

SatireWorld reports that Atwood told one of the women that the “massages” would prevent scar tissue from forming and would alleviate pain, and bestow a longer life-span according to a statement of charges.

One of the victims was also an employee at the clinic. She said she was required to provide full body massages to Dr Atwood in training sessions, according to legal documents obtained by the SatireWorld. During those sessions, Atwood allegedly talked about his marital issues and how he would “gladly offer his body” as a teaching tool on “how to get a man hard,” according to the documents.

Atwood’s attorney, Hellwood Barnes III issued a statement in defense of his client.

“Anyone can file a complaint against a doctor even when the complaint is not accurate or actionable. Besides, who knows for sure if my client has any fingers anyway,” Barnes said in his statement to the court.

Atwood has 20 days to respond to the charges and ask for a hearing as soon as his fingers heal a little more, which, Barnes said, his client would find out just as soon as his secretary gets back from vacation.


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  1. I always thought it was dentists that got up to these shenanigans… although there was that OBGYN who let his twin brother come in in his place to get some fingering jollies… what weirdoes.

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