Amy Winehouse Found Dead – Rock N Roll Claims Another Casualty

It’s been revealed that British R&B diva, Amy Winehouse has been found dead in her Camden Town flat in north west London. At this point, there has been no confirmed cause of death, but some speculators are of the opinion that alcohol and/or drugs may have been a contributory factor.

They’re probably right.

Poor Amy, who sang so passionately that she didn’t want to go to rehab, may still have been alive if she’d given the rehab another shot.

But alas, it was not to be.

To her own detriment, and to that of her legions of fans. Why on earth a supremely talented diva would want to waste her life getting smashed off her tits on whatever’s going, remains a mystery.

There seems to be some kind of self destruct bug running riot amongst the supremely talented, and Amy was no different.

Like the proverbial rebel without a cause, Amy self destructed spectacularly in Belgrade, on the first leg of a European tour, and then things just got worse.

Amy was 27 years old.

She joins the ranks of the great and not so good in rock n roll heaven – Elvis, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison, Keith Moon, Phil Lynott, Sid Vicious, maybe all victims of their own publicity.

It’s not really all that funny, but when a regular blue collar taxpayer sees supremely talented millionaires blow it in such spectacular fashion, there is a certain degree of irony attached.

So, with Amy’s passing, another one bites the dust.

In the words of the late Ian Dury, of Ian Dury and the Blockheads:

What a waste.

And that’s it as far as this story goes.

Not funny, just sad.

Author: Skoob1999

No time for this! The bus is coming! Skoob - English, terminally bewildered, from Manchester, but without the Oasis style monobrow. And a United fan. Currently unemployed due to idleness.

10 thoughts on “Amy Winehouse Found Dead – Rock N Roll Claims Another Casualty

  1. The “crackhead” comment isn’t without merit, but the point that there are other women with better voices is meaningless. We aren’t paying respect because she had the world’s best voice, but because she had a great voice and a unique, soulful style that connected with people across a broad range of demographics. That, and the fact that the unnatural death of anyone so young is inherently tragic.

    She will be missed? Yep, absolutely.

  2. I could be tempted to envy people seemingly in command of so many certainties.

    Only certainties in my daily life are that Love is better than Hate, and listening is better than yelling.

    Science has proved the Neanderthals buried their dead with respect and ritual. Two parents in England will have to bury their child this week. Anybody who can’t respect that loss? Well I guess they’re a bit behind Neanderthals on developmental scale.

  3. He has an opinion.

    I’m not about to waste time debating with him.

    Better things to be getting on with.



  4. Interesting. You could have easily wandered onto the hundreds, nay thousands of sites that promote your way of thinking and been with “your kind.” The fact that you chose this site to vent is telling. You, sir, are what is wrong with humanity, but until you see that, we’ll allow you your opinion and leave it at that.

  5. you people are nuts..she was a CRACK HEAD!!,she had no voice what so ever..there are millions of women who can sing 100x better than her..she was lucky thats all.She made millions and her true self came out in the end a talentless crack head junkie…boo hoo,her record company will have to find some other bimbo to sell millions of records for them

  6. You folks on this site are brilliant.

    Thanks for having me.

    It’s 5:30 in the morning here. I just got up to make my wife a cup of tea. She has work at 6:00.

    I’m off back to bed – I start at 2:00pm.

    See? You have to have a sense of humour to live like this.

    Thanks again. You’re all stars.

  7. It’s an honor to be among the writers on this site. They truly step up when they need to. Nice job you guys.

    Skoob, the Winehouse piece was necessary and well-written. Thanks.

  8. Sincerely, your personal loss brings tears to my eyes. I have a son now 30 and on right track, who I used to visit at many ER’s and jails.

    In complete solidarity with you, and inappropriate to a satire website? You can’t do anything about the choices other people make.

    Stop stop stop thinking if you’d poured the milk on the cereal with your left hand instead, a different outcome was possible.

    You’re not the arbiter of everybody’s free will choices. Find yourself small in comparison to the mighty forces that take us to places we don’t deserve to be, and don’t lose your sense of humor.

    Because the dead can bury the dead Skoob. You lose your sense of humor and a lot of the living are screwed. TS Eliot wrote that when the middle fails, all is lost.

    Accept your improbable role as the ‘middle’ in many lives, and don’t lose your sense of humor.

  9. Hey, Liberties,

    I lost my eldest son to smack at 29. It just all seems like such a waste. But I guess you’re right. It’s a serious topic, and one which I honestly don’t think anyone is really qualified to address.

    It’s a dark and murky world.

    Thanks for your comments. Truly appreciated.

    I just wish that we could do something to stop this madness.

    God Bless You and Yours.


  10. Quite a good touch there Skoob.

    in my childhood I much revered a song about Vincent Van Gogh. Has a line “I could’ve told you Vincent, this world was never made for those as beautiful as you.”

    Am sure some Winehouse fans will take similar approach to her quite likely self-destructive end. But Vincent wasn’t too beautiful for this world. He was a lunatic who happened to paint quite well.

    When I heard of Ms. Winehouse’s death, I recalled a 70’s era quote from Joey Ramone. “Celebrity doesn’t really change people. It just allows them to get where they wanted to go anyway, faster and with less effort.”

    Good writing there Skoob on a very sad topic.

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