The Political Messiah Fleeces His Flock

The charismatic figure stood above the masses gathered before him ready to seduce them with his glorious speech. He had purposely chosen a historic location for the event, one whose beloved presence in the minds of the populace would lend weight to his words, one whose place in the hearts of the citizens would hopefully help him to also entrance therein.

The masses had already been drugged on his speeches. The constant repetition of specific words, phrases and ideas, no matter how distorted, had already hypnotized them into building into their consciousness a world made of paper images. His practiced speech and carefully fabricated persona had, through artifice, won him millions of converts to a political agenda that ran over the edge into religious fervor. With the practiced superficial ease of a professional salesman, he could bend their imaginations to his will. He let his words waft out over the crowd drawing them into the well laid out web he had woven for them.

Glenn Beck at the Lincoln Memorial?

No, Adolf Hitler at the Nuremberg Rallies.

That’s what you were thinking as well, correct?

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