Las Vegas Odds Makers Taking Bets on the “N” Word

LAS VEGAS, NV (GlossyNews)– Taking a sharp turn away from sports betting, Las Vegas odds makers are said to be taking silent bets from some of the top businessmen and politicians in the country on who will be the first high-profile personality to come right out and publicly call President Obama the “N” word.

Al Betz, the first bookmaker to come up with the plan, feared that the event would be over before it began. Said Betz, “There were reports of some protesters outside Capitol Hill throwing out the ‘N’ word at black Democrats, but none of them were really newsworthy people, and none of them were specifically calling the President that, so we disqualified them.”

The bets are focused on well-known personalities. Betz continued, “We honestly thought we had a winner about an hour after the health care reform bill was passed, when Rush Limbaugh vowed to take the president and his people down.”

“He came ‘this’ close,” Betz said, motioning with his index finger and thumb just touching, “but he moved away from it. We could almost see the ‘N’ word forming on his lips, but he pulled back just in time. All that came out of it was a gnarly snarl that erupted into the word Nazi, then more spewing of venom.”

Other frontrunners getting lots of action include hot-headed Sen. John Boehner (R-Ohio) and openly angry Rep. Randy Neugebauer (R-Texas), who couldn’t contain himself from shouting “baby killer” when Rep. Bart Stupak (D-Michigan) announced that he was switching his health care reform vote to yes. One bookmaker said he was sorry that Jesse Helms was not in the running. “Hell, I think Helms would have shouted the ‘N’ word first just to skew the odds,” he said with a chuckle.

An unusual politician getting a good portion of the action is Harry Reid, who earlier this year had Republicans up in arms when he referred to Obama as an articulate, light-skinned Negro. Although he apologized and said he meant his comments in the kindest way toward the president, the generational bias was palpable, leading some odds makers to believe that Reid may still let the “N” word slip, albeit not in a hateful way.

Another surprising contender is Michael Steele, Republican National Committee Chairman, who is himself of African-American decent. In the case of Steele, a caveat has been added on any bets placed, stating that he cannot win the bet if, when referring to Obama with the “N” word, he does it in a “brotherly” way, such as referring to Obama’s ability to get the health care bill passed as “that is one bad-assed ni**er what just got that bitch bill passed.”

Some other rules are that the “N” word can be uttered to a private group as long as the speaker is a person of clout and that there are enough witnesses to verify it being said. Examples include Town Hall Meetings, RNC fundraisers or state and national championship BBQ contests.

However, the big money is focusing on a national television or radio broadcaster who uses the “N” word in a clearly pejorative way, live on the air.

“That’s where the big bucks are gonna pay off,” said Hal Litzer, part-time bookie and president of the local NRA chapter.

As word of the bet becomes more widespread, there is the possibility that gamblers who have big money riding on it will call into shows, specially to let those who ask: is it possible to win baccarat with a strategy or is it pure chance? know where they can get the best gambling tips.

Those aired by Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck, to elicit angry responses that will ultimately lead to a tirade where the “N” word is not only spoken but spewed over and over and over again unapologetically.

Author: P. Beckert

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