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Chapter 17: Totes Subversive (Honest Adolph Volume III)

All Cabinet meetings are unpleasant; but every one is unpleasant in its own way. “How right this is,” mused Morton Megaraparthenon, as he graciously strode into the chamber.

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Brotherhood of Extemporaneous Unions Wins Big

The U.S. Supreme Court handed the Brotherhood of Extemporaneous Unions a clear victory yesterday by defining a labor union as “one or more people doing more or less the same thing.” The landmark case of BEU vs. Clive Nuevo, gave…

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Public Union Members Vote to Legalize Bribery

The current political climate has been difficult for public unions. And if the future can really be portended, then things do look a tad bleak. The unreasonable expectation of being held responsible for doing your job has caused morale to plummet. When…

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