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Bill Maher Banned (Again)… But Why?

Notable public figure Bill Maher has been banned from several notable clothes retail chains in the entire slick, coastal, metro part of the USA…

For making some provocative and inflammatory comments about a moderate political Islamist™ in Pakistan who says women resemble sacks of flour.

Yup! His Most Exalted Even-More-Moderate-Than-Moderate-Taliban-ness says that every one of the integral synthetic components of the female community should be treated in keeping with the most noble and exalted station he himself envisages for them…

When he is high on crystal meth funded from the proceeds of his illegal kindergarten-bombing Ponzi scheme. Read the full story


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India Wins Kashmir in Checkers Match

The world map has been redrawn after India won Kashmir by defeating Pakistan in a checkers match.

According to correspondents on the ground, India pulled off a close victory by eliminating several red kings from the gameboard, leaving Pakistan boxed in and helpless.

With few options remaining, the northern country sadly agreed to surrender the game, as well as its presence in Kashmir. Read the full story


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Pakistani Jazz Band ‘Cock Disturbance’ Jailed for Blasphemy

ISLAMABAD – Pakistani police have arrested all four members of an Islamabad based jazz band named Cock Disturbance for blasphemy. The group was arrested after performing an impromptu concert in a mosque where they called for the resignation of Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari.

Cock Disturbance now faces a maximum punishment of death if convicted. The four will be sentenced later this week. Their arrests are attracting attention around the world as a sign of Pakistan’s increasing intolerance of free expression. Read the full story


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Protesting Pakistani Street Mob ‘Pranked’ by CIA Trick

Islamisbad, Pakistan – (SatireWorld.com)

Sometimes the CIA wins and it’s usually done by a smooth trick played upon our adversaries without them knowing.

In Islamisbad, Pakistan, hundreds of protestors are feeling really stupid after a CIA infiltrator set them up in front of the world’s cameras.

PHOTO INSERT: Holding signs and banners supplied by the CIA, thousands of protestors showed their message to the international audience. Later after arriving home many protestors had a palms-to-forehead when their English speaking children told them what the printed signs really meant. Read the full story


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Pakistani Man Shuts Down Internet Due To Footwear Problems

Nobi Patel was visibly discouraged as he searched shop after shop looking for a comfortable pair of shoes to wear while bicycle powering up his village’s internet section. After almost a week of no internet connections, angry neighbors were hurling insults as he passed, hoping to antagonize the simple man as his internet power generator, sat idle near the outhouse. Read the full story


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Clinton Tells Paki’s – “Tax ’em & Be Damned”

The US Secretary of State, Hilarious Rodent Clinton, in yet another typical menopausal outburst – yesterday rebuked Pakistani government officials for pleading they couldn’t afford to wage an all-out war against Taliban Dan and his gang of Jolly Jihadi insurgents infiltrating the northern provinces of the basket case country due the government coffers being emptier than Old Mother Hubbard’s recession-hit cupboard. Read the full story


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