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Colbert Has Quit, Now Jon Stewart Is Going- Soon We Shall Be Totally Abandoned.

The Apocalypse is close at hand. The signs of the times are showing themselves. I am sure that there is a verse in Revelations that says “…and verily all the good comedians will leave the scene and only darkness shall thereafter be manifest…”.

Jon Stewart, primary televised purveyor of jokes and satirist extraordinaire for the entire western hemisphere has announced that he will be leaving his job at The Daily Show sometime this year. Read the full story


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FACT: Jon Stewart is the Most Honest Man in News?

Love him or hate him, if you follow politics, you know his name. Jon Stewart has been the host of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart on Comedy Central for well over a decade, and he brings the new like few others in the business.

Love him or hate him, you have to agree he does his research. Although his targets are typically those on the right, he still finds time to mock those on the left who do something particularly silly. Read the full story


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The Rumble: Stewart vs. O’Reilly… Stewart Won

This wasn’t the most anticipated pay-per-view event of the year, but it was big enough to crash the livestream servers.

Sure it was only $5 a pop, but half the money went to charity, and at the end of the night, only one winner would emerge; Jon Stewart.

I’m writing this not to stay on the cutting edge of satire, but as a public service. I paid my $4.95 to watch it on-demand, and for these 90-minutes of equal partisan banter, it was well worth it. Read the full story


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These Are The Guys Who Are Going To Set The Nation Straight?

Let me see if I got this straight:

We have a national election going on.
Only two guys are really running in it.
Both are spending obscene amounts of money to campaign for it.
Mostly other people’s money.
Both are putting the other one down. Constantly.
Both are making promises they can’t keep.
Both have to kowtow to what the public wants.
Both have to go along with what their party wants.
Both have to devote the majority of their daily time to publicizing themselves for this election.
Both have to have lived lives virtually entirely bereft of scandal to have a chance at winning.
Both refuse to acknowledge the others good points. Read the full story


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Comedy Central Hires Keith Olbermann

Keith Olbermann was fired Friday by Current TV for breach of contract. Fortunately for Olbermann, he won’t have to start a new Countdown for the days since his firing or days until his new job. That’s because Olbermann was immediately hired by Comedy Central on the advice of Emmy Award-winning writer and producer Eddy Spageddi.

“Keith Olbermann cracks me up,” said Spageddi, who seems to have a second sense when it comes to finding comedic talent, having a hand in recommending guys like Daniel Tosh, Dave Attell and others. Read the full story


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Dennis Miller Offering Glenn Beck Sidekick Job

Dennis Miller always had aspirations of being the next Bill O’Reilly or “Billy” as he calls him, or the next Glenn Beck. But, even though he does have his own radio talk show, so far, it’s only gotten him a ticket as a guest wise ass on both of those shows. He wants to be in front of the cameras so bad he can taste it, and now that Glenn Beck is being forced from Fox News, he sees it as his big chance to get ahead in the business. Read the full story


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Seattle Rally to Restore Sanity Needs Donation of Sign-Making Materials

We’re having our second sign-making party, and we need materials to make the signs. The Seattle Rally is established as a 501c3 non-profit, so your donations are more than welcome (and desperately needed,) and it looks like they are also going to be tax deductible.

Help by Donating Materials:
We need poster board, permanent markers (no paint allowed at our sign-making parties) and little things like pencils, pens, and a heavy-gauge stapler. If your company can donate these items, please get in touch with us. If you work somewhere that can provide these items, talk with your boss and ask them to kindly help us in our quest for sanity. Read the full story


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Middle America Vast, but Moderate America Massive

Politicians and pundits in recent years have harped on the tired adage of “real America”, though the term is as uncertain as climate change. That is to say, it’s a very clear metric, but staunch conservatives are just in plain denial. Real America is middle America, that vast, empty swath where pack animals and gays have learned not to tread in the open.

But there’s a bigger middle to America, one that isn’t restricted to population density and the ratio of American flags on Fords – it’s the political center of America. Not middle America, but Moderate America. Read the full story


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Comedy Central Pseudo News Anchor and Pundit Confirm DC Rally

On September 16th, Jon Stewart officially announced the Million Moderate March, a “Rally to Restore Sanity”. The event will coincide with Stephen Colbert’s “Stephen Colbert – March to Keep Fear Alive!” rally. This means the passionate, coordinated campaigns of Reddit and ColbertRally.com have actually done the jobs they set out to do. Read the full story


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Jon Stewart Pays to Make ‘Man Whore’ Rumors Go Away

NEW YORK (GlossyNews) — Jon Stewart is allegedly being blackmailed by one of The Daily Show’s employees over allegations that in the 90’s, Stewart was a man whore. The information about this closely guarded secret came to light when the employee was asked to dig up some information about Stewart’s “date” with Jennifer Anniston over ten years ago in New York City. Anniston was recently a guest on Stewart’s show and the date came up in conversation. Read the full story


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2009 Glossy News Erratta … err Errata & Errors a Plenty

The Glossy News, in an effort to bring you the finest, most accurate and comprehensive news available, has compiled this errata information after a review of articles published in 2009. Although we do technically wish to apologize for any errors that may have crept into our news stories from time to time throughout the year, we do so with an air of lackadaisical indifference. Read the full story


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