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Theory Universe Just A Hologram “Really Messes With Peoples Heads”

An article in the Huffington Post (Science section, Dec. 12) titled ‘Is The Universe A Hologram? Physicists Say It’s Possible’ is causing queasiness amongst many in the world, especially those in a perpetual state of pot induced highness.

Our intrepid reporter went on the scene to find the reactions to this revelation amongst space travelers of another sort.

“Wow, man, that is just too much!” stated James Harbrush, trying hard to focus his dilated eyes on the microphone I had before his face. “Is that thing a gerbil?” Read the full story


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Dread Addiction of Freeitis Strikes Web Users Worldwide

The advent and incredible popularity of the Internet has resulted in an outbreak of the strange psychological malady known as ‘Freeitis’.

Freeitis is a recent mental disease in which a person, growing used to getting everything for free on the Internet, ie. free downloads, free music, free videos, etc., then grows to expect everything in life to be for free.

Some of those afflicted, usually hard core Internet users, then start to expect these freebies in the outer world as well, going so far as to start demanding them from the society around them. Read the full story


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Crazy Woman Buys AOL for Fair Market Value: Negative $315 Million

It’s already being called the deal of the century, and there are still eighty-nine years to go. Liberal news aggregator and alleged Gabor sister Arianna Huffington now owns AOL.

Media watchers are at a loss to explain what happened or why it happened. Some experts talk of a rapidly changing era of mass communication not seen since Steve Guttenberg invented the printing press. Others maintain the usually savvy Huffington has made a fool’s bargain this time. Read the full story


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Huffington Post Honors Rush Limbaugh

with Mother of the Year award.


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