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Random Thoughts (XV): Scabshamers, Silicon Valley & Silly Brussels Bureaucrats!

Silicon Masks, Black Souls At times of peace, Silicon Valley platforms look, at least partly, like open forums. But don’t look at them during times of normality. Look at them at times of exception. Then the mask slips completely! When…

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Brexit Raincheck: How Are Our Most Beloved Politicians Feeling?

Yes, it’s that time of the week when we tell you a little bit about the emotional weather! There have been more faces like thunder and even torrential outbursts than Nigel’s weather report. Jean-Claude Juncker The Cognac Queen is…

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The Funniest Unintentionally Satirical Headlines of Today! But Do You Have a Tip-Off For Us???

1. Cut, cut, cut! Erdogan is upset at the notion of theocratic dictatorships cutting up innocent people while they’re still alive. Just so you know. Prominent UK broadsheet The Guardian quotes Erdogan as follows: Intelligence and security institutions have evidence…

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