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Tankiesplaining the Islamic State: Not All Terrorists!

What would happen if jihadists decided to use the same excuses Communists use? ISIS aren’t evil; just a deformed jihadist’s bureaucracy.

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ISIS, ISIS Baby! Is the Caliphate Ready for Yet Another Vanilla Ice Parody?

Yo, brother, let’s stone it! ISIS ISIS baby ISIS ISIS baby

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Labour MP Naz Shah Tells Yazidi ISIS Victims to ‘Shut Up’

After recently retweeting a comment saying Rotherham rape victims should shut up for the good of diversity, prominent George Galloway critic and moderate socialist intellectual Naz Shah has ended up in even bigger trouble. A satirical Twitter account, parodying prominent…

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Sneezing is One Tenth of an Orgasm: Islamic State Make War on Moldy Houses

ISIS and dodgy landlords. One is an evil gang of nefarious gangsters and mafiosi, who give zero fucks about anyone else, and will trample over anyone in their day, doing whatever it takes to expand their evil empire. The other…

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Outrage: ISIS/ISIL/IS/Daesh Tabloid Rag Incensed by ‘Insulting’ Offer from ‘Greasy’ Tony Blair Faith Foundation ‘Charity’

• Blair’s chaplain confirms that former PM is ‘deeply wounded, not literally of course’ by the Islamist SNUB • Dafiq editorial staff refuse to comment Edgy ISIS/Daesh hipster black-top Dafiq has been hitting the headlines (and not just their own,…

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US: ISIS Must Sign TTIP “Or Else…”

WASHINGTON – U.S. State Department spokesman Milo Minderbinder announced today that ISIS must sign the TTIP [Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership] treaty by year’s end “or else we will retaliate with extreme prejudice. All options are on the table!” “Terrorist…

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