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Mad Max Maxes Out His Street Cred In… WHERE DID YOU SAY???

Just saw the latest Mad Max movie.




Mad Max just made it back to the screen after a hiatus of only 30 YEARS!!!!!

Mel Gibson got the sack. Too old. Too racist. Can’t have no one who is out saving aborigine kids in the outback being a racist now. Especially with Tina Turner somewhere in the wings waiting to do a cameo. Read the full story


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A Return to Australian Animals from Hell

This is the second in a series of two wonderful articles about horrible, vicious, dangerous, hideous, disgusting Australian animals that for some reason contain no mention of Rupert Murdoch.

(Note to reader, this article does not contain information about horrible, vicious Australians, although many consider them to be in the category of animals as well. Read the full story


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An Up Close Look at Australian Animals From Hell

No, I am not going to write about kangaroos.

I am not that cheap. Everybody who wants to write funny stories about Australia writes about kangaroos. I refuse to stoop that low. They are too easy a target, too cheap a shot. I will, however, write about koala bears. I may not be cheap, but I have my limits. Koala bears sell.

Just to show how thin the line between humor and reality is at times I have put an asterisk before items that really, actually and truly did happen. Read the full story


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Kate Gosselin Prefers Camping Down Under to Palin’s Alaska

It took mere seconds into the filming of a camping trip in Australia for Kate Gosselin of Kate Plus 8 to make it quite clear that the outdoors she and the kiddies experienced in Australia was far superior and way more enjoyable than that introduced to them in Alaska as guests of Sarah Palin.

“Finally,” said Gosselin after climbing out of her spacious tent in the Outback, “I can show the world that I’m not a sniveling, whining princess who can’t survive in the wilderness.” Read the full story


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Tim Minchen Funniest Thing out of Australia Since Boxing Kangaroos

Not to impune the comedic gold that is the phenomena of the impractical uselessness of the boomerang, nor the clever brilliance of Clarke & Dawe, but Tim Minchin (Wikipedia or TimMinchin.com) is as funny as anyone you’ll see, as musically brilliant as you could ever hope to find, and more entertaining than anyone you’ll never see in the United States. Read the full story


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Gough Whitlam — The Australian Obama?

Sydney, NSW, Australia (GlossyNews) — President Obama would do well to try to emulate the successes that former Australian Prime Minister Gough Whitlam had in his first 100 days of office back in 1972.

He ended the draft and removed Australian troops from the unpopular war in Vietnam.

He gave equal pay to women and established a free national health plan.

He doubled spending on education, raised wages, pensions and unemployment benefits. Read the full story


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Check Out This Guy’s Birth Certificate

On a Private Island in the Pacific (GlossyNews) — There is a man whose birth certificate should be given a lot of scrutiny. No, he is not Obama. This guy is whiter than Wonder Bread. He has done more to influence American policy in the last 10 years than possibly anyone else. And he is not an American. And he influences it in whatever way is advantageous to himself.

Say Hello to Rupert Murdoch, Australian born and raised media giant who is the brains and the motivator behind FOX News and their insistent anti-everything banter. Read the full story


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“King” Rupert Murdoch — Australia’s Revenge On America

An incredible subversive plot has been uncovered in America that could erode the very foundations of our democracy.

Angered over the U.S.’s alleged covert interference with their politics in the ousting of Prime Minister Gough Whitlam in 1975, Australia has hatched an incredible, long term plot to bring the giant nation down.

Spearheaded and personally put into action by super Australian newspaper magnet Rupert Murdoch, the Aussies concocted a plot that hit directly at America’s Achilles heel- our political naivety. Their devious plan was to create a media empire that would wave the American flag and pretend to be super patriots, but in reality convolute America politics to such an extent that it would be the basis for setting up a right wing dictatorship. Read the full story


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