How Useful Dating Sites Can Be

Online dating has taken by storm both liberal western societies and even traditionally conserved ones – for instance, there are Indian websites where parents can look for an appropriate match for their children in the frame of so-called arranged marriages. People of all ages have quickly understood the advantages of trying to find a partner online and for the younger generations, this has become a very natural way to meet new people. In online dating, you need to have an idea of ​​how to communicate with people you meet online. Find ways to consider it differently or any other review with positive feedback like how2txther review before using their guide into action.

Obviously, online dating can be built not only around romantic purposes but can also involve occasional meetups. In case you are interested in hooking up and sex dating, follow this link and feel free to explore the opportunities that the creators of this dating site have made possible. This is something between going to a traditional date and watching Aidra Fox videos.

A Real-Life Example

In a very curious and inspiring TED talk by Amy Webb entitled “How I hacked online dating”, the narrator tells about her long journey of finding the ideal romantic partner. Amy’s situation was somewhat difficult because she was a Jew in a fairly small city and it was particularly important to her that her partner is of the same confession or shares the same values in terms of culture and religion.

She estimated that the probability of meeting such a single person of corresponding age in her community was too small and her family’s advice that “things will just happen” was overly optimistic and involved passive waiting. So Amy decided to take matters in her own hands. The path she followed was roughly the following:

  • she created a profile on a famous dating site and managed to effectively filter candidates that were geographically close to her and satisfied a number of basic requirements (an entire scoring scheme was created for this purpose). The one candidate she liked though did not reciprocate,
  • in order to address the issue, she created 10 fake profiles of men she would be naturally attracted to (in order to study her true competition). She also studied the most famous profiles (the photos, the content) in order to understand what exactly made someone achieve popularity on such websites (e.g. some of the aspects were a short but well-written description, appearing easy going rather than pretentious, having a sense of humor, or, when it comes to the physical appearance – smiling on photos and having portions of skin exposed (not necessarily revealing, by any means)). Based on the information, she has built a super profile.
  • as a result, she became the most popular user on the website and started being messaged massively by men. Ultimately, she dated one person exceeding the minimum threshold score according to the scoring scheme mentioned earlier and soon enough, he proposed to her.

Such examples make one significantly reconsider what dating should look like and it suggest that in a world of data and online interaction, one can rationalize and create intelligent algorithms for achieving any task or life goal.


Author: Dexter Sinistri

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