Google Search For ‘Oscar Pistorius Murder Trial’ Evolves Into ‘Reeva Steenkamp Topless’

INDIANAPOLIS – During a routine navigation of the internet Friday, a local man’s Google search for the keywords “Oscar Pistorius murder trial” evolved over the course of 7 minutes into “Reeva Steenkamp Topless.”

Initially looking to gain up-to-the-minute news on the murder trial of South Africa’s famed special Olympian, Indianapolis man James Kinsella subconsciously clicked a related article about Pistorius’ late girlfriend Miss Steenkamp – who the athlete is accused of murdering.

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Learning more about Steenkamp’s life as a professional model, 34-year-old Kinsella was moved to complete a search in Google Images of any potentially topless pictures of the tragic star.

Wow, this whole Pistorius thing is messed up, thought Kinsella, as he perused an MSNBC article about the ongoing murder trial in Pretoria. I can’t decide if he killed her or not and – wait – w’oh, his girlfriend was kind of hot.

Slightly frustrated that a search for “Reeva Steenkamp topless” yielded no affirmative results, Kinsella none-the-less followed up his search with “Reeva Steenkamp dildo vagina.”


2 comments on “Google Search For ‘Oscar Pistorius Murder Trial’ Evolves Into ‘Reeva Steenkamp Topless’

  1. Ah… how many times my well-intentioned searches went off the rails and wound up in a dark, depraved pit of pornography. I feel for the masses, in this article. Feel them right in the feels.

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