Crowd Accused of Lifting Mo Farah Over the Finish Line

An appeal has been made to the IOC to strip British runner Mo Farah of his gold medal as accusations of cheating sore higher than the elation of the athlete.

Mo Farah became the first British athlete to win a gold medal in distance running but Ethopian 5000m silver medallist, Dejen Gebremeskel and Kenyan 5000m Bronze medallist, Thomas Pkemei Longosiwa have called into question the legitimate acquisition of the Olympic gold given that the 80,000 strong crowd was cheering Farah and not them.

It is reported that in the final second of the race Mo Farah opened out his arms and allowed the roar from the home audience lift him over the finish line. The joy on his face cheered a nation of rain-drenched-bowler-hat-wearing-eccentrics but brought disbelief to the distance running ‘Might of Africa’.

The IOC have issued a statement saying that they will immediately look in to any allegations of cheating and is intending to interview each and every supporter in the crowd and those watching at home on the television, even the people cheering on the replays.

Mr Farah was not available for comment but as an unbiased, British journalist, I can say that I am doing the Mo-Bot as I type.


One comment on “Crowd Accused of Lifting Mo Farah Over the Finish Line

  1. I would like to see pictures of someone doing the Mo-bot. That sounds like a very difficult dance and one that would easily produce much joy.

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