Tom Brady: “My Balls Were Deflated”

Milford, Connecticut – After weeks of controversy against Tom Brady, Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots for whether they intentionally let air out of game balls, Tom Brady finally stepped forward in an interview on the Dan Patrick Show last night and stated “Yes, my balls were deflated,” during Patrick’s famous Truth or Fair segment.

According to Brady, the New England Patriots staff started deflating his balls prior to each game to make them easier for the team’s running backs to hold onto and for receivers to catch.

“I don’t understand why they needed to deflate something that was already undersized to begin with,” Brady’s wife, Brazilian fashion model Gisele Bündchen stated in a phone call to Dan Patrick after the show aired.

“I can literally cup them in my hands like a pair of cherries,” she added.

The NFL has yet to impose any fines on Brady, Belichick or the organization, but after winning their fourth superbowl in 15 seasons amidst a handful of cheating allegations, one has to wonder when NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell will bring the hammer down on their parade.

“The NFL is taking this matter very seriously,” Goodell said, while comparing a picture of his own balls to Brady’s. “From now on, Mr. Brady’s balls will need to be checked prior to each and every game to ensure that they are the proper size,” Goodell added.

Many infuriated fans have taken matters into their own hands and established a petition against Brady and the NFL that shows their disgrace with New England’s antics. To sign up please visit

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