This Ambitious Start-Up is Changing the Face of Marketing

{navel+gazers} is not like any other digital marketing agency you’ve dealt with.

We understand that businesses don’t care about gimmicky terms like “clicks”, “kerning”, or “art”. Businesses care about profit.

And so do we. That’s why we’ve designed a custom-tailored brand solution that strategically guarantees a return on your investment. Shouldn’t your solutions be strategic? Doesn’t your brand deserve recognition?

About Us
Our team of experienced experts is supported by a horde of specialized specialists, all of whom are trained, licensed, and certified to be proficient in their areas of proficiency and competent when it comes to core competencies. Each one is more qualified than the next.

Our Services

Content Marketing
We use Faceboo, Twitter, we use Instagram and social media at large, our content so clickable, your clients will get carpal tunnel.

Reputation Management
Gone are the days when companies could rely on shouting “I am rubber and you are glue” while sticking out their proverbial tongues at critics. Consumers trust reviews, so trust in us to delete the negative comments and fabricate positive ones.

Brand Positioning
The position of your brand matters. Imagine a side-sleeper who is forced to sleep on his back. Uncomfortable, right? Don’t let your brand be uncomfortable.

Web Analytics
These days, if you can’t measure it, it doesn’t exist. If a tree falls in the forest and nobody is there to retweet it, does it generate leads? The proof is in the pudding. Don’t trust anyone that tells you otherwise.

Search Engine Optimization
If you want search engine optimization, we can do that.

Social Media
Or social media ads, if you think it’s a good idea.

UX Design
If your website does not have a banner at the top, we can put it there! The degree-seeking developers at {navel+gazers} will also add digital media, such as images, charts, graphs – even video – upon request.

Market Research
We will Google your competitors!

Logo Design
We will draw you a image! which you can use as your logo in your website. here is a logo design service which you will love it for unique logo designing.

Public Relations
We have the phone numbers of several news outlets and will leave numerous voicemails on your behalf.

Lead Generation
This helps you get more business. We truly care about helping you get more business!

Are you interest to join team? Have what it takes!
– Passion
– Innovative
– Social presence (min. 12 tweets per day)
– Workhardplayhard
– An eyes for detail

We offer:
– Agile work environment
– Tasty lager and water balloons
– Trampolines for better thinking
– Competitive benefits package (pending)

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Author: Maria Khodorkovsky

Maria Khodorkovsky writes about language, linguistics, and the horrors of technology. General stodginess and resistance to change are the primary motives behind her work.