Fiscal Cliff More Popular than Niagara Falls

It’s official. The Fiscal Cliff has overtaken Niagara Falls as America’s favorite tourist destination.

District of Columbia Mayor Vincent Gray was delighted to announce that his city is home to the newest Washington attraction.

“Given that we’ve got all those monuments and the Smithsonian,” said Gray. “It’s a thrill to see so many people lining up to look over the Fiscal Cliff.”

Most Washington-bound tourists now put the Cliff number one on their list of must-see sites. Americans are flocking in record numbers to peer over its edge to catch a glimpse of the financial abyss below.

Although President Obama is committed to removing the Fiscal Cliff, he has expressed mixed feelings about that goal.

“Sure, I want to rescue the country from the financial peril that the Cliff represents,” said Obama. “But I have to admit that it’s a pretty spectacular site and a great revenue generator, too.”

While millions of Americans marvel at the Fiscal Cliff, citizens of the City of Niagara Falls are keeping their fingers crossed that it will disappear before year’s end. If not, Mayor Paul Dyster expressed the hope that Washington will move the Cliff to his city.

“It may be disastrous for the country,” said Dyster. “But it’ll be a big win for Niagara Falls.”

Author: Dave Martin

Dave Martin's humor and political satire have appeared in many major North American newspapers including The N. Y. Times, The Washington Post and The Chicago Tribune. His latest humor collection is entitled "Screams & Whispers" available on and he blogs at

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  1. Now we must show some understanding. There may be some wealthy Americans who have never seen Niagara Falls and may never get to see Niagara Falls if they don’t get another tax cut.

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