Fact-Checking Sarah Palin’s Incomprehensible Speech

Sarah Palin was invited to spew a lahar of molten cuckoo at the Iowa Freedom Summit, proudly sponsored by Citizens United. She did not fail to fail to impress.

I took it upon myself to fact-check her statements, and there was such a steady flow of crazy magma that I had to cut it off around six minutes, saving the rest for another day.

Apparently the Wicked Witch of the Arctic’s teleprompter broke a few minutes in, so she did what she does best: wing it and hope people will take her seriously.


Now mind you, she surely only appeared to sell books, it’s part of her long con. She’s flirting with the idea of running for president much the same way I flirt with Sarah Palin. Through complete mockery.

Please enjoy this brief, partial fact-check of the Mistress of Madness, Sarah Palin. And notice I let an awful lot slide. That’s because she just tells so many lies at such rapid fire, it’s prohibitive to catch them all.

The former premature retiree from Alaska governorship accepted a fee to speak in Iowa on January 24th, 2015, at the Orwellian named “Iowa Freedom Summit.” Freedom indeed.

As is always the case with Mz Palin’s speeches, she gish galloped like a mad nag to the point where it became impossible to fact-check everything she said.

I have to break this into multiple parts due to the density of her outright deceptions, and I could easily make a ten minute video for every five minutes she spoke, but you have to let some things go.

It’s like they say, when you’re shooting hoops with a Palin, you have to expect some double-dribbling and a lot of uncalled fouls.

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