Extreme Couponing… It’s called Shoplifting (comic)

If you’ve ever wondered the best way to squeeze a few nickels out of your local retailer, there’s no better way than shoplifting. Sure you might go to jail over a $1.87 sample size of Jergins, but usually you’ll just damn the man.

This comic shows all the benefits and potential detriments, I assume. I haven’t actually read it. I find the comics on this site crass, so I don’t actually take the time to look at them. They’re a bit beneath me.

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One comment on “Extreme Couponing… It’s called Shoplifting (comic)

  1. I tried this sort of extreme couponing when I was about 13-14, and it didn’t go well. They called my parents, but not the cops, so I guess it went okay.

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