Protesting Pakistani Street Mob ‘Pranked’ by CIA Trick

Islamisbad, Pakistan – (

Sometimes the CIA wins and it’s usually done by a smooth trick played upon our adversaries without them knowing.

In Islamisbad, Pakistan, hundreds of protestors are feeling really stupid after a CIA infiltrator set them up in front of the world’s cameras.

PHOTO INSERT: Holding signs and banners supplied by the CIA, thousands of protestors showed their message to the international audience. Later after arriving home many protestors had a palms-to-forehead when their English speaking children told them what the printed signs really meant.

Retired US Army Master-Sargent Mohammed Ali Gupta was a 25-year veteran in the US Special Forces. Gupta’s specialty was language and interpretation skills in Farsi and various Pakastani dialects used in the region.

After Gupta’s successful career in the military, his lifelong skills were in high demand by the various intelligence agencies that required a full understanding of local language in various hotspots throughout the world. It was a ready career change for Gupta. Upon retirement he joined the CIA as a covert operative.

His first assignment took him to Islamisbad, Pakistan, where he served as a indigenous coordinator for the US embassy which promoted and provided printed materials for local schools and tourist destinations.

His small print shop employed 5 local people providing a daily output of English printed signs, menus, and maps which served the needs of thousands of English-speaking tourists who visited the area each month.

Like most areas in the Middle-east, tempers and angst run high when the Islamic religion is insulted. Soon after the release of the inflammatory Mohammed movie insulted millions of Muslim men and woman, the streets of Islamisbad filled with protestors.

Rampaging protestors held signs and banners but few were in English. Realizing the need to get the words of anger out to the world, protest organizers turned to Gupta’s shop for English-printed signs and banners.

Now, the CIA fronted shop run by an ex-US Special Forces soldier could perform its magic. Hundreds of English-printed signs were delivered just before the mobs could hit the streets and international TV cameras rolled.

The rest, so they say, is history….

Author: Bargis Tryhol

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