Florida Cracks Up; South Florida Secedes

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled today that the state of Florida can divide into two states. The decision was unanimous.

Justice Anthony Kennedy wrote “… severability initiated by a majority of state citizens does not equate to secessionism of said state within the union known as the United States of America.”

The court further ruled Walt Disney World will become a territory of the United States. The Florida amusement park had legally sought to become an island nation unto itself

The green light by the high court allows the state to become two, now officially renamed North and South Florida. The U.S. Department of State will oversee the separation.

Dredging began immediately on an inland U.S. waterway that will bisect the state in half and connect the ports of Canaveral and Tampa. The project will create one hundred thousand jobs.

Realtors report a significant increase in homes placed on the market south of the line of demarcation, most notably Palm Beach. South Florida leaders intend to raise revenue by raising taxes on its wealthiest residents.

Fair Districts POW filed suit against the former Florida following the repeated failure by the state legislature to fairly redistrict as stipulated by the state constitution.

The legal proceedings have been closely watched by advocacy groups based in both California and Savannah, Georgia. The city hopes to be the first in the nation to sever away from its home state.

Author: Sheree Shatsky

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