Smug Corbyn Interview: Liberal Lesbian Muslim Arrested for ‘Islamophobic’ Facebook Post

A lesbian Muslim from Bradford has just been arrested by the Hate Police for not being a “real Muslim.”

Champagne socialists all over the country threw up their hands in horror to see the following hideous rant:

If you tell the pale male metropolitans and pale female pomotrash ‘fuck this “diversity” of yours, let’s take things on a case by case basis,’ they say ‘no, you can’t pick and choose when it comes to diversity!’
Well, their Utopia (or rather Heterotopia) is fast becoming a reality. And I for one will be elated to see their horror as the life they once knew disappeared forever.
There are a few decades to sort this out; and it CAN indeed be fixed. However, if by any chance my agenda of restoring traditional classical/neo-classical liberal pluralism should ever fail, and moral relativism should triumph, at least I’ll get to say ‘I told you so.’
I’m looking forward to seeing the utter terror and despair in their eyes, as they realise the world they once knew is gone forever.
Harsh but fair.
Very, VERY fair.

Renowned Muslim-stereotype and quasi-Salafi-purist Jeremy Corbyn notes:

Islamophobia is a crime against Humanity; any such terribly, terribly sad case of actual, pure, authentic, genuine anti-Semitism against the Arabic Community is a truly upsetting tendency of the day.
Well, I’m glad to see justice is going in the right direction.
If only this hateful pale pleb bigot had been more tolerant, inclusive, and diversely-minded…

She’s a Muslim.

What? A Muslim? I thought you said she was a lesbian?

A lesbian Muslim who has written a book about the Islamic State throwing gay people off roofs.

Oh, so she’s a neoconservative, neoliberal, bourgeois capitalist Tory pretending to be a Muslim. Got it.

Who are you to say who is a real Muslim or who isn’t? Isn’t that what you condemn the BNP for doing?

Yes, but the BNP aren’t real socialists. Socialism is only socialism when I say so. The oppressed always gets to do the self-definition, and not the oppressor.

Isn’t this woman oppressed?

No. All this pedantic, pretentious, contentious neoliberal stereotyping of the ‘helpless Muslim woman’ is half the trouble nowadays!

Pale female Tory chancer Theresa May has (more or less) sternly and imperiously noted:

Anyone who imitates this despicable women, and dares to even entertain the overwhelming of the UK by radical Islam, is a domestic extremist; and ought to be treated as such by all right-thinking people.

Makes ya think!

Image attribution:
Chris McAndrew [CC BY 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Author: Wallace Runnymede

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