The Month’s Most Controversial Religion & Atheism Headlines (III)

Charlie Hebdo Draw Guru Nanak: the Only Rioters are Privileged White Campus Radicals

Over 3 000 Apostate Quaker Pacifists a Year Commit (Largely) Unprovoked Assaults over ‘Oat Jokes’

ISIS Leader Warns Myanmar Junta & Dalai Lama to Quit Hypocritical Appropriation of ‘Religion of Peace’ Moniker

Indian’s BJP (Hindutva/Hindu Nationalists): ‘Radical Lesbian Humanoids and Other Worthless Pests Render Our Cattle Infertile’

Gay-Ambivalent Catty Canon Welby Snarks Petty Pope Frankie-Goes-to-Holy-Land on ‘Equivocal, Jesuitical Stance’ re: LGBT Rights

Pat Robertson: ‘Solid, God-Fearing Fundamental Christian Evangelicals are LGBT People’s Last Line of Defence Against Radical Islam’

Author: Wallace Runnymede

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