The Month’s Most Controversial Religion & Atheism Headlines (II)

Intersectional-Post-Meta-Pan-Igtheism: The Latest Trend for Intellectual Hipsters

Myanmar Junta: ‘Those who Criticize our Faith are #Buddhismophobes! #NotAllBuddhists’

Dalai Lama: ‘Despite his Minor Faults, Chairman Mao is my Biggest Inspiration’

PC UK Campus Radicals Ban ‘Orientalist’ Guns ‘N’ Roses ‘Burmese Theocracy’ Album

Religion of Peace: Dalai Lama Threatens to Execute Unrepentant Dorje Shugden Heretics

Ultra-Orthodox Sect of Jewish Separatists Condemns Burqa & Niqab as ‘Misogynistic & Divisive’

New Star Wars Trilogy: Church of Scientology Sue George Lucas for Plagiarism

Deepak Chopra Invents Online Sam Harris Generator: Never-Ending Stream of Utterly Bewildering Bullshit

Scientology Spokesperson Condemns ISIS: ‘This Doesn’t Sound Like Any Religion I Would Consider Worthy of Investing My… Oh, Wait! Did I Say That Out Loud?!



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