Even Atheists May Hear the Voice of Jesus (comic)

We are all able to hear the voice of God. Even atheists may hear His voice, though it may not carry the exact message that the faithful would like to hear.


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So surely no true Scotsman would behave like this, but what about the guy that hears the voice of Jesus, God, or the immutable Holy Spirit? For reasons unknown to me, we don’t call those who follow the words of their gods “crazy people” despite the fact that they hear voices in their head.

So while I can’t say definitively that these are crazy people, all reason and evidence attests that they are. There is no voice in your head but your own. Whatever you think Jesus is telling you to do is actually you just conceding to do what you already think to be the good and right (or evil but acceptable) thing.

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One comment on “Even Atheists May Hear the Voice of Jesus (comic)

  1. The only voices I hear tell me to keep my hands above my head and walk backward toward their voice. Not sure that's anyone's god, but he does seem to think he is.

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