Learn Easter from Your Kids: Zombie Jesus Brings Gold (Video)

My kids attend weekly Awana meetings, where they learn about how letting people talk about Jesus can result in candy and prizes.

For the true magic of Jesus, I had to share with them a bit of the practical side.

Everyone has taught my kids about Easter. The zealots and thumper-types gave their take, Walmart runs ads with their take in heavy rotation, and I might have peppered in a few thoughts of my own.

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RIGHT: The two young stars of what I’m sure will be the future of Christian Easter education. Click photo to enlarge, but honestly, why?

Watch this video, and rather than teach your children about Easter, maybe you should just learn from them instead. I think they’ve got it nailed like Christ on a cross.

TL;DW – Some Highlights

– Jesus isn’t a god, but a zombie.
– God gets help from the bunnies.
– You don’t get “baskets”, but “buckets”.
– Apparently gold is an Easter staple.
– None of the Christian teachings made it through intact.

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