Hawking Enlists David Copperfield to Demonstrate “Spontaneous Creation”

Hawking: Spontaneous Creation is the Reason Something is Here Rather than Nothing.

World-renowned physicist Stephen Hawking, best known for his accessible books on the fundamental questions we all face, recently published his latest findings on a cosmological concept he calls “spontaneous creation”.

According to Hawking and many of his peers, this new evidence would not only substantiate the controversial claim, but signify a new chapter in both the annals of modern science and the way we view the world.

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In his latest book, The Grand Design, Hawking deviates from previous allowances he once made on the possibility of a creator and now argues that the universe essentially created itself.

In other words (for the confused layman out there), the universe was the first “mother” to give birth to herself.

We had the opportunity to sit down Mr. Hawking and actually record the very data he submitted to scientific journals for peer review.

As the lights dimmed and a spotlight centered on him, he said, “There is no place for God in physics, but there is a place for (pause for dramatic effect)…Magic!”

And with that, legendary magician David Copperfield spontaneously appeared out of nowhere. Though to be precise, he appeared out of a cloud of smoke made from glycerine and potassium perchlorate. The cloud of smoke, though, came from nowhere.

“I never would have imagined in a billion years that I would be teaming up with Mr. Copperfield to prove a theory, but hey, the universe works in mysterious ways.”

The Hawking/Copperfield performance is coming to Vegas in June of this year. All tickets can be purchased at your local ticketing agencies.

Author: jeff boldt

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