Catholic Priests Terrorize Italy’s Youth

Terror in Italy this morning as hundreds of Catholic priests descend upon the Vatican. Italian Mister of Defense Giampaolo di Paola has imposed a strict curfew and parents are being encouraged to keep their children indoors until the threat has passed.

Authorities are uncertain of the cause of the sudden swarm of holy men but it appears to have something to do with replacing their recently deposed leader.

RIGHT: Hoards of priests roam the streets of Rome. (CLICK PHOTO TO ENLARGE)

Although often troublesome on their own, large groups of priests are known to be highly dangerous, especially for young boys.

More than one Italian mother has been heard warn their son, “Mind your manners or I’ll sign you up to be an altar boy.”

Congregations of holy men were once thought to be rare but the recent massing is the second since 2005, leading some to question whether Europe needs to consider a long term solution to combat this reoccurring threat.

Authorities are exploring their options but for now the normally bustling streets of Rome are nearly deserted. Even street youth, an ever-present element in most Italian cities, are nowhere to be found.


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