Macfarlane Kills Puppy, Steals Grandmother’s Purse after Oscars

Seth Macfarlane, made famous by his comedic take on the American family through a show called The Family Guy, has gone from fame to infamy almost overnight.

As recent host of Hollywood’s paramount night, the Academy Awards, Macfarlane made enemies by persisting in a line of humor that many considered “offensive to all and funny to none.”

But what the angry world didn’t know was that, immediately following the after-party, Macfarlane did what he does every night: kill a puppy and rob an old woman.

We met up with Seth at the courthouse to get his side of the story.

“Obviously I never set out to murder baby dogs every day, I can’t help it–it’s in our genes. Not a lot of people know how common it is for ironic comedians to also be puppy killers.”

“But as for the grandmothers, well, they deserve it.”

Apparently, Mr. Macfarlane, has gone to McCrazy, super-sized his insanity, and proved the world right once again.

“Hey, at least I’m not Jonathan Swift. That guy was seriously off his hinges–suggesting England solve Irish socio-economic problems through state-sponsored cannibalism.”

Author: jeff boldt

Writer and editor of Iron E-News - a satirical news website dedicated to that ever-abiding alternate bizarro world--at times all too closely mirroring our own. *Also writes under the pseudonym W.P. Scranton

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  1. He is just gonna break in to song at the courthouse and get everyone involved and they will all forget why there were there in the first place.

    Celebrities always get preferential treatment.

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