Cloak of Death Nets $1M at Sotheby’s Auction

New York, NY – The New York office of Sotheby’s has disclosed that the original Cloak of Death, worn by Death himself, has been auctioned off for the amazing sum of $1M. The cloak was reportedly put up for auction by the heirs of one of the last surviving members of Hitler’s Third Reich, who wanted nothing to do with the cloak’s dark history.

According to stories surrounding the cloak, anyone who comes in contact with it eventually dies. “It could be days, weeks, months, even years, but eventually, you are going to die if you come in contact with this cloak. It is the most evil piece of clothing I have ever encountered,” said the seller of the cloak.

“The proof of this lies in the fact that I am an heir of the estate of the last owner of the horrible shroud. He had to die before I could inherit it. I am hoping to cheat death by auctioning the cloak off before it can affect me and cause my death as well.”

The name of the purchaser of this infamous shroud was not immediately known. A ghost bidder was sent in his place to ensure his anonymity. However, sources close to Sotheby’s have indicated that the highest bid came from a resident of Casper, Wyoming. Without giving too much information, the spokesperson indicated that this mystery buyer has a history of buying infamous tools of torture for his collection, including several stakes used by Vlad the Impaler (the original Dracula) to impale his enemies during the 15th Century, several torture racks used during the famous Spanish Inquisition and lesser known Portuguese and Roman Inquisitions, and quite a handsome collection of old rusty dental implements.

In addition to torture equipment, the collector is said to possess some of the most rare and hard-to-find books ever written on the subject of torture, including the “Handbook for Inquisitors” written in 1578; “No Respect for Martyrs” written by Drew Asword in 1758;and the more recent “Tools That Make Them Talk” written in 1944 by Heinrich Munchinhausen, while languishing in his hideaway in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

It is said that Death continues to search for his cloak, and once he finds it, will wreak havoc on all those who bought and sold it so recklessly. To escape this wrath, the owner has to prove that he is just as evil, if not more so, than Death himself. Could this recent purchase be the end of the curse of the Cloak of Death?

Author: P. Beckert

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