Ulster Prod Arrested for Catholicismophobia: Latest PC Hate Crime Du Jour

Social Justice snowflakes have now come to characterize Catholicismophobia as a hate crime.

Centrist Ulster Proud Prod Geordie M’doo recently ranted on Facebook:

When all these here Anglo boyos present themselves as thinking people from Northern Ireland are Catholic, are they just trying to take the piss? Or are they really that fucking stupid?

If the latter, is this just a few wackjobs, or is a a commonly held delusion?

I really, really want to break the jaw of the next English person who thinks Catholics are a majority in Northern Ireland, let alone 100% of the population.

It’s not about the value of the Catholic Church relative to other religions; I just really have no time for this here shite about a single Catholic Ireland.

Since when does everyone have to follow the same religion of a vanishingly small minority; or at least a minority vanishingly small in comparison to the big, fat 100% the Anglo-Metropolitans are talking about?

There are Scientologists in India; does that mean all Indians are Scientologists?

The hate police swiftly descended on his not-so-cosy Anglo-Diaspora home in Southwark, down Big Smoke way.

The police defended this heavy-handed measure by saying:

If he were an undocumented Mexican crossing the border into the USA, then of course that would be another matter.

Social Justice snowflakes across the not-so-civilized world are baying for the execution of this ignorant right-wing bigot; after all, it’s not like he was a Salafi, is it?!

Image attribution:
By Caomhan27 (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons


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