New Dog Treat Introduced in Honor of Ghostbusters Reboot

St. Louis, Missouri – As the newest Ghostbusters film comes closer to fruition, more and more companies are releasing products that, in thought, will appeal to the everyday consumer who doubles as a Ghostbusterian.

The latest household name to join in on the ghost hunt? The Nestlé Purina PetCare Company with an innovative treat, featuring a new take on their original Beggin’ Strips that have gone unchanged since they debuted in 1993.

The new product, known as Bagans Strips, are still catered towards dogs and are named after the late TV star and former host of the Travel Channel series, Ghost Adventurers, Zak Bagans.

“It‘s great to see them come out with a new product, but it’s disappointing to see them incorrectly portray Zak Bagans without his trademark air mask on,” said longtime Ghost Adventurers fan, Benny Buedorico, while examining the new packaging from inside the Walmart Supercenter on Maplewood Commons Drive.

“Without the air filter mask, I just don’t know if it’s worth giving to my dog. I think I’ll just go with the original ones that have the flavor I know my dogs crave,” Buedorico added.

While consumers make up their minds, company executives are confident in their decision. “We went back to the drawing board and picked the most recognizable name in the history of catching ghosts, Zak Bagans!” Said CEO, W. Patrick Mcginnis, while giving a tour of the company’s manufacturing facility and the machine used to cut Bagans into 3″ strips. “We know that in time, dogs will will be beggin’ for some Bagans,” Mcginnis playfully added.

Bagans Strips are currently being sold in stores nationwide and can also be ordered from for a small shipping & handling fee.

With “Ghostbusters III” set to be released on July 22, 2016, your pooch will have plenty of time to test out the new treats.


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