GOP/Dems: Post-Orwellian Dictionary of Humanitarian Imperialism (1/2)

Over here in Euroweenie land, they say about the Hitler-Stalin pact: “Les extrêmes se touchent.”

…Or in Universal Anglo-Esperanto, to wit, the King James of Jesus, Rush Limbaugh, John Kerry and other notable figures (-ish): “Opposites meet.”

So it’s only fair that I let Julian™ give me this sexy little number…

A leak of the new secret GOP/Dem handbook for capturing the narrative on their joint-venture humanitarian imperialist missions…

Not to mention capturing f***loads of moral capital!


(And the odd bit of carbon-capital on the side).


Nice one, Julian™. Now you can have that nice chicken nugget I promised you. Be a good boy, or I won’t give you any wiki time tomorrow. X

Lexicon of Our Common Humanity

Published by Global Deliverance and Universal Sovereignty Press; Washington D.C., Global Village, “Our” Common Universe (sic).


Accountability Criminal

Someone who abuses their God-given and sovereign prerogative, “freedom of speech,” purely in order to say things that they think they can somehow maliciously and cynically get away with saying; just for the sheer hell of it!



Kind of a “reverse necrophilia.” Someone who stupidly and ignorantly values the lives of some stupid Afghan or Iraqi civilian (or worse still, soldier or politician) that no one has ever heard of or that anybody cares about, over the objective and pressing claims of The National Interest.


Kinda like Chomsky’s “IntCom,” (see below). Our Common Humanity is the sole and sufficient hope for our mutual flourishing and common prosperity; as the icing on the cake, it LITERALLY includes ABSOLUTE EVERYONE!…

Well, within reason.

Cosmonationalism/National Cosmopolitanism

Cosmonationalism, National Cosmopolitanism, or NaCom-ism, is the real, non-non-authentic version of Cosmopolitanism. It rejects the cynical, manipulative and dishonest view that The National Interest of the USA is somehow “at odds with” (sic) The Universal Interest of Our Common Humanity.


Equivalence Police

Anyone who raises any cavil or quibble against The Universal Interest whatsoever is quite clearly making “moral equivalence,” and is therefore an unpatriotic pinko. Our equivalence police have sworn to denounce, to silence and to ruin the very lives of those how make moral equivalence…

Well yeah, we’ve had zero progress so far, but we’re working on it.

Humanity Denialist

Humanity Denialists, or who deny the existence of Homo Sapiens, or at least of the supposedly “ideological” sense of Humanity. I mean c’mon! You see Homo Sapiens every day; it’s only a short leap from that to recognizing and enforcing the unquestionable imperative of expanding the sphere of influence and control of Our Common Humanity.

Human Dignity Fundamentalist

Pathetic losers who think it’s better to die on your feet than to live on your knees. Well OK.. it’s your call, chip! You asked for it!


More properly, the “International Community.” Chomsky thought he was clever to make the International Community sound Orwellian and Sovietesque, but the International Community is UTTERLY different in character from all Soviet empires, theocratic caliphates, and pretty much ever other fake and counterfeit Universal Interest.

… Well yeah, that’s because all the other guys cynically and disingenously mobilized their Third World Special Pleading™ to claim that they, and they alone, represented The Universal Interest.

Whereas we are the ones who REALLY do. #informallogic

hillary intcom

Ivory Traitor

Someone who has the inestimable privilege of a white middle class college education, getting paid, getting uncritical worship and adulation from fools and charlatans, and then turns around and spits in the face of the Greater Good by questioning those who so generously and benevolently feed, protect and sustain them; and who haven’t even so much as cast them into prison and thrown away the key!…


Kumbaya Theory of Childcare

The bullshit, extremist, UnAmerican idea that preserving the backward, bigoted and superstitious life, sorry, existence of some shitty little collateral kid in his stupid kindergarten in some Third World backwater…

Wait for it…

Is actually of comparable ethical weight to the entire US National Interest…

Or of even greater weight!

(No, listen… I swear I am NOT shitting you! There are ACTUALLY some unpatriotic vermin who LITERALLY BELIEVE this crap!)

Metaphysics Criminal

Some kind of random douchebag which rejects REAL, AUTHENTIC, PATRIOTIC INDIVIDUALISM™, in favor of playing off mere paltry, meagre, so-called “individuals” against the unquestionable and non-negotiable rights and interest of Society and of The Greater Good.

Be ye not Pinko, Gods of War are not Mocked

Ooo. I love the smell of stale-but-ever-new verbiage in the morning. See an even newer and fresher burst of innovation next time….

Hold on to your pens!

(Unless you’re an unpatriotic traitor, in which case, the pen will tattoo you first; we’re going to scribble the mark of the beast on your forehead, purely for shits and giggles….

If not also to ensure that no-one will think about whether or not we have any blood on our hands).

Putin's fuzzy middle ground

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