10 Signs That You’re In a Long-Term Relationship

1. You finish each other’s sentences… because you can’t stand the sound of the other person’s voice.

2. You have wild, passionate sex all night long. Then you wake up.

3. Whenever you miss each other, you just pick up another dish and try again.

4. Those words “until death do us part” sound more and more enticing.

5. When someone asks you if you think you’ve found your soul mate, you reply, “Yes. Um, wait. Did you say ‘cell mate’?”

6. You’ve finally found someone who can see you for who you truly are. Shit!

7. When having sex, you often come at the same time…and occasionally even in the same place.

8. You wish your spouse were more like Frodo, whose ring made him become not only evil but also invisible.

9. It’s getting increasingly difficult to tell when one of you is giving the other one the “silent treatment.”

10. When your partner complains, “You never listen to me,” you smile, then respond, “I’m sorry. What?”


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