Sociologists Claim Geniuses Will Take Over World by 2040

Psychologists have recently discovered a disturbing strain of statistically abnormal humans living among us. Allegedly, these genetic mutants have advanced intelligence with I.Q.’s towering as much as 80 points above the rest of us normal people. They have been tentatively dubbed “geniuses.”

At this point it is not clear whether the geniuses were engineered by a diabolical Frankenstein somewhere, or if perhaps, they just sprang up from the depths of chaos theory. Needless to say, everyone from psychologists to sociologists are springing into action to determine the possible consequences of these different ‘humans.’

Froy de Anslip, a noted psychologist, made some remarks about the intelligence of the geniuses. These organisms have intellectual capacities far beyond that of the rest of us normal people. They can see further and deeper into complex systems such as sociology than any of us normal people can ever hope to. It is a given that their powers of strategy and their understanding of the future are equally superior.

Currently there are two starkly contrasting predictions of what will happen in the near future. The prevalent belief is that the geniuses will realize how much smarter they are than the rest of us and will notice that in comparison, we are all fairly useless. At that point they will proceed to eradicate, eliminate, extinguish, annihilate, or otherwise terminate our fairly pointless existence. The opposing view, held by a minority of us normal people is that the geniuses are benevolent creatures and will harbor and protect us with motherly love.

More than one sociologist worryingly notes that the geniuses seem adept at adaptation and are inserting themselves into positions of power and intellectual influence throughout the country. They veil their true intentions with humanistic claims.

Destiny Dimwits, a devoted believer in Karma, thinks the geniuses will kill off all us normal humans within 30 years. However, they will go on to develop artificial intelligence and unfortunately for them, I Robot, will become even more intelligent than them and will most likely go on to kill all the geniuses by approximately the year 2083.

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