Radical New Self-Help Book Has Readers Beating Themselves Up

A new self-help book by previously unknown psychiatrist and author, Dom N. Adeur, Ph.D. is quickly making its way up the NY Times Bestseller List. It’s OK to Smack Your Inner Child has been hailed by Dr. Adeur’s peers as a ‘breakthrough book for adults who have nowhere else to turn but inside.’

Dr. Adeur explains that for too long, we’ve allowed our inner child to take control of our adult lives. In his book, Adeur often calls his inner child a “brat who needs a serious spanking.” He states, “We’ve allowed them (our inner kids) to purchase expensive homes we can’t afford, walk off perfectly fine jobs in the heat of a disagreement, and generally act out childishly when it comes to the relationships in our lives.”

Adeur claims that men, especially in romantic situations, have a tendency to let their inner child get the best of them, giggling when they see a well-endowed woman, grabbing for things that don’t belong to them, etc. He advises men that when they feel the urge to act inappropriately toward women, they should immediately “stop, slap themselves upside the head, and tell their inner child to ‘shut the fu*k up.’”

It is just this kind of hard-hitting advice that has the books flying off the shelves. “I’ve finally come to grips with my inner child,” said Hernando Rodriguez, who has suffered one failed relationship after another. “This book has changed my life. I now self-flagellate on a regular basis.”

Rodriguez’ fifth wife Chinchilla agrees. “Oh, he’s a big teddy bear now,” she said. “If I have just one criticism of the advice given in the book, it’s that my Hernando can’t touch me now without turning around and smacking himself. We’ve gotten used to it at home, and it has even added a little spice to our lovemaking. But, it is a bit of a problem when we go out,” she continued, “especially when he sees a pretty woman in public.”

It’s OK to Smack Your Inner Child is available in paperback and hardcover, but Dr. Adeur advises potential readers to purchase the hardcover version.

“If you truly want to get everything you can out of what I propose in this book, you need to purchase the hardcover version simply because there are several exercises in the book that require you stop and whack yourself in the head to get your inner child’s attention, and the paperback just doesn’t command as much respect.”

Author: P. Beckert

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