Show Up For Work Naked, No One Cares Anymore

All you newly-graduated business college graduates, listen up. There is no longer a need to go out and spend a fortune on expensive power suits and dresses in order to look your best at that all-important job interview, if, in fact, you actually do land an all-important job interview.

The rules of dressing for success have drastically changed due to the fact that hardly anyone anymore even shows up for work at an actual workplace, and the ones who do are being told to dress down in order to allow them more comfort in their jobs.

Yesterday’s classic business suit has been replaced by business casual on Mondays through Thursdays and by ultra casual on Fridays. What this means for the guys is that you can get by during the week wearing a pair of khakis and a nice polo shirt and on Fridays, go right ahead and wear those ripped jeans and Metallica t-shirt. For the ladies, a cute little sundress or slacks and a matching top will suffice for the week, and on Friday, go for the capris, tube top and flip-flops. What the hell.

A sharp increase in telecommuting has also had an impact on the way most people dress for success. For most, all that is required to do their job from home is a desire to get up in the morning. Forget all that psychological bullshit that says in order to succeed, you must dress the part. You can plant yourself in front of your computer buck-assed naked if you want and it won’t affect your performance one bit.

If, by chance, you are required to attend a teleconference from home and business attire is necessary, you can save yourself some much needed cash by having on hand a nice business dress shirt, tie and suit coat. As long as your computer camera angle is directed at the top half of your body, you don’t need to go to the expense of buying a matching pair of slacks or skirt.

So get your resumes ready and bone up on your office skills but don’t worry about looking your best at that interview because your boss is probably going to interview you via teleconference anyway as he sits in front of his computer buck-assed naked from the waist down.

Author: P. Beckert

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