New Study Shows the Mexican Cartel to Be “Bunch of Homos(exuals)”

A new study done by the Political Association of Immigration Soldiers and American Students reveals the Mexican Cartel, the same people that love to molest its house rats (no, not their children), to be having mass intercourse with one another.

The leader of the world famous movement, “El Chapo Gayman” is rumored to be in prison with his brown-wasted buttocks exposed in the air and Jerry Sandusky slapping his ass ever so slightly. Just when things couldn’t get any Bieber, Nickelback decides to perform.

Mr. Gayman’s disgusting tits couldn’t handle the excitement made by Sandusky. Gayman would later be found dead, hanging from a rope in his closet. The Westboro Baptist Church orgasmed in delight and was able to molest another 10-year-old boy, with the approval of FOX News that is.

At the end of the day, the Political Association of Immigration Soldiers and American Students and the Mexican government were able to compromise and send Gayman’s deceased body back to its natural habitat (no, not the public waste in the streets, and no not Detroit); the NAACP, were all homosexuals are perfectly accepted as equals.

The Mexican government faced many critic’s tits who were wildly offended by the actions performed to move the garbage, one of which, a CEO of a fancy ass company (yes, he’s a cracker) decided to stand in the way of a proper burial ground.

As the scandal continues, there can be no predictions made to whether the body will be respectfully thrown away so “people can forget about god-damn homo”, at least that’s what prince of the homosexuals, Bill O’Reilly, had to say about it.

Bill was later found dead in Gayman’s grave which he molested. Sadly, no human being gave a fuck.


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