Video: Melamine? Clay? Undercover Hot Dog Factory Exposé Sheds New Light

GLOSSYNEWS.COM – In our first-ever video report, we go behind the scenes at America’s 7th or 8th largest hot dog factory. We see what really goes into one of America’s most infamous foods.

What ingredients really go in a tasty tube of, let’s call it beef? Or should we call it meat? Or maybe “meat” with quotation marks.

This factory produces “Uncle Grizzle’s 100% Hot Dogs”. We were suspicious that their product claimed to be 100%, but conspicuously failed to specify what, exactly, it is 100% made of. 100% hot dog, one supposes, but what could that possibly mean?

Watch the video below and see for yourself.

WARNING! The video you are about to watch contains images some will find disturbing. If you have children, please take this opportunity to call them into the room.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This is my first effort at making a video longer than a single-take. I invested around 35-hours into the post-production using footage from Discovery Channel’s “How It’s Made”, as well as clips from the BBC version which haven’t aired in North America.

The clips come from about eight different episodes covering a wide variety of food and non-food products. The sound effects are all stock sounds (literally nothing from the original footage is used.) The voice over was recorded by Andy Chayer at MapleShade Studios in SeaTac, Washington.

Any ads you may see on or before the video are not placed there at my request. Discovery Channel has asserted copyright over the source material, thus any income derived is solely theirs. Guess I can forget about my customary $2 stipend per article on this one.


8 comments on “Video: Melamine? Clay? Undercover Hot Dog Factory Exposé Sheds New Light

  1. One and a half thumbs up!
    That was a real wiener!
    The other half a thumb ended up in the batch you see at the 2 minute 43 second spot.

    Seriously, that was good. Especially for a first shot.

    Now, also seriously, how much of that was actually true?

  2. All of it was true Freed. Don’t you know nuthin? Excuse me now while I purge my refrigerator of anything that remotely resembles a hot dog. that includes fish sticks, carrots and tubers. Thanks for nothing Brian.

  3. Pretty disgusting! But watch how easily my taste buds trump any rational decision I might want to make about what’s fit to eat. That’s because I’m a lowly animal like all the rest that eat each other.

    Even herbivores eat plants. What did plants do to them? Nothing! Just growing out of the ground, minding their business, and then a huge honking dinosaur with an extra brain in its backside wolfs down acres of grass. Look at the cows still standing there all day long eating grass–so high and mighty like they’re not horribly incarnated along with the rest of us.

    Seriously, though, eating other animals is horrible. If I had to actually pull the trigger, I’d be traumatized. But living is fundamentally horrible, as the existentialists say. It’s horrible to have a body that needs to breathe and defecate. Why not throw interspecies slaughter into the mix? The meat tastes good and we tend to care more about our irrational feelings than about what reason tells us.

  4. I think I hurled 3 times while watching. But I’ll probably still get me a foot long next time to the ballpark.

    I like sausage as well…but don’t want to watch it being made.

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